A Kitchen Witch’s Magickal Oils


From Mrs. B’s Guide to Household Witchery: Everyday Magic, Spells, and Recipes by Kris Bradley

Before Making Oils:

  1. Place layer of herbs at bottom of a clean glass jar & cover with oil of your choice.
  2. Cap with a nonmetallic lid or plastic wrap & let it sit for 1 week- 1 month.
  3. Strain oil well through cheesecloth or coffee filter into a clean jar.
  4. Use to dress candles or anoint charm bags, appliances, money, bills

*Alternative: add oil & herbs to Crock Pot, set to warm, & let brew for 5-6 hours.  Strain & bottle oil in a clean glass jar with a lid

*To increase shelf life, use 90% of chosen carrier oil (oil used in oil recipe) and 10% jojoba oil

  • Attraction Oil
    • 1 part red rose petals
    • ½ part basil
    • Contents of a peppermint tea bag
    • Sweet almond oil to cover
      • Anoint pulse points before going out to attract attention of opposite gender
        • Dress red candle during a romantic evening
  • Banishing Oil
    • 2 parts cinnamon
    • A parts black pepper
    • 2 parts cumin
    • 1 part cayenne pepper
    • Castor oil to cover
      • Dress black candle when need to separate from something or someone negative in your life
  • Employment Oil
    • 1 part ground bay leaf
    • 1 part ground coriander
    • 1 whole raw (unshelled) pecan
    • Sesame oil to cover
      • Place small dab on envelopes when sending out resume
      • Rub a small amount on hands prior  to an interview
        • Make sure to shake hands!
  • Fire Oil
    • 1 inch strip of orange peel or 1 part ground, dried peel
    • 3 parts cinnamon
    • 1 part clove
    • 1 part nutmeg
    • Sesame oil to cover
      • Awaken passion, desire, increase bravery, spark action in someone who may be procrastinating
      • Use to anoint a red candle to burn while with partner, anoint court papers to get faster decision, or rub small amount on hands to increase confidence prior to speech, presentation, etc.
        • Make this oil on a Sunday if possible
  • Prosperity Oil
    • 1 part alfalfa
    • Contents of a chamomile tea bag (increase for larger batches)
    • 1 part coriander
    • Corn oil to cover
    • 1 penny or small magnet (optional)
      • Can replace Business Success Oil if solely looking for monetary success in business
      • Anoint bank account statements, wallet/purse, piggy banks
      • Anoint green candle to burn while doing prosperity work
      • Anoint 1 dollar bill prior to placing in charity container (sharing = coming back to you!)
        • Make on Thursday (if possible) to maximize effectiveness
  • Reversing Oil
    • 1 inch strip fresh lemon peel or 1 part dried, ground peel
    • 1 part rosemary
    • Contents of a peppermint bag (increase to 2 bags for larger mixes)
    • Corn oil to cover
      • Use when wanting to protect yourself from negativity or psychic attack to send negative energy back to its source
  • Visions Oil
    • 1 inch strip fresh lemon peel or 1 part dried, ground peel
    • 2 parts ground bay leaf
    • 1 part nutmeg
    • 1 part thyme
    • Cover with grapeseed oil
      • Used to anoint candles to burn while practicing divination.
      • Dab tiny amount on third eye to help increase psychic awareness or prior to bed to increase prophetic dreams

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