HOWLITE: The Crystal Wolf

WITCHING OUT - The Beginner's Guide To Modern Magic

CHAKRA:  Third eye

CRYSTAL GRID USES:  Guardian crystal

HARDNESS:  3.5 / 10

PLANET:  Neptune


Metaphysically, Howlite is a really multi-faceted stone. It can be used in so many different ways, but overall it is very calming and is a great stone for anyone with anger management issues or a low level of patience. Keeping a pace on your will absorb your anger and any anger aimed at you, so be sure to cleanse it regularly. It also enables you to drop facades and live as your true self, so you can achieve your real goals. I find the stone very masculine and strong, as it invokes a sense of safety and confidence. It’s also a very intellectual stone that opens you up to receiving and processing knowledge with ease.


I also highly recommend Howlite crystal balls for beginners and advanced seers. It is a great beginner’s…

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