MAY 2, 2016

Mercury Retrograde is defined as a three week period in which the planet Mercury appears to be moving in a backwards motion. During this time, many people experience many adverse effects, such as memory loss, loss of time, loss of items, and loss of common sense. As for technology, many unexpected glitches occur during this time, such as software crashes and emails getting lost.

So with this being said, how do you handle this 3-week mercury retrograde period? It’s a time to think of things with a “re” in front of it, such as re-think, re-do, re-new, re-structure and re-evaluate.

The planet mercury rules the mind, intellect, communication and mental clarity. During a mercury retrograde period, simple acts of communication or common sense can become distorted and altered from your original intent. Instead of starting new projects, it’s time to re-look at what’s currently going on in your life. If you have a business opportunity presented to you during mercury retrograde, it’s always good to listen, rethink about what you heard and then discuss any financial details once mercury goes direct.

I have always made it a point to NEVER sign contracts during mercury retrograde. Why? In my experience, the few times that deals were signed during a retrograde period, they always resulted in lots of miscommunication issues and fell through in the end. I am not saying that business deals only stay together when mercury is not in retrograde. My point is that everything is a bit harder during a mercury retrograde period. However, I have a friend who is a divorce attorney and he says that he LOVES mercury retrograde, because his business skyrockets!!

Tips for Surviving Mercury Retrograde

During mercury retrograde, always allow yourself more time. Be flexible and expect the unexpected. Pause and breathe before speaking, so not to be misunderstood. Delay making big purchases, such as a home, computer equipment and electronics, until after mercury goes direct. Triple read all your emails and documents before you send them. Practice forgiveness. Use this time to finish processing any unresolved things that are lingering so that you can move on and let go.

Obviously, life moves forward, and if big decisions must be made, make sure to double and triple check all the details!

Crystals for Mercury Retrograde

I know that many people feel the effects of Mercury Retrograde, so I wanted to recommend a crystal energy combination that everyone can benefit from. Using crystals for mercury retrograde helps you to stay grounded, calm and focused. To harness their energy, they can be held in your hand, placed on a bedside table or in your purse or pocket. You can also create a crystal grid during this time to hold your intention for the retrograde period.

  • Black Tourmaline assists in letting go of fear, anxiety and chaotic energy. It works with the root chakra, grounding you into the energy of the Earth. Black tourmaline also offers strong protective energies during this period of chaos and turmoil, helping you to feel safe, supported and secure.
  • Tree Agate allows you to feel supported and nurtured by Mother Earth. It instills a strong sense of inner peace, helping to calm your nerves and shift your focus back to the beauty that lies in the Earth. Tree agate also promotes a healthy flow of positive energy throughout the entire body, clearing any blockages that may be preventing abundance from flowing freely.
  • Hematite is one of our favorite grounding crystals. When you hold it in your hands or wear it on your body, its energy pulls you downwards, making you one with the Earth. It constantly pulls any excess, unwanted or negative energy from your body into itself to clear your energy field.
  • Indigo Gabbro helps you to focus and overcome distractions. It helps you to recall past memories and patterns that you tend to hide from yourself, bringing them to the surface so that you can face your fears and let go. Indigo gabbro offers the message that the universe will provide you with the experiences, people and lessons you need; it’s all about how you choose to perceive the task in front of you.
  • Amazonite helps you to speak with clarity and grace, fostering clear communication. It offers calming and soothing energies, which will prove to be beneficial during this time of anxiety and stress.
  • Fluorite emits peace and harmony, and helps to release stress and anxiety. Often referred to as an energetic vacuum cleaner, it sucks up and neutralizes negative energy to bring harmony and balance.
  • Quartz Crystal brings clarity and focus. It vibrates pure white light, removing any blockages or obstacles that lie in your path.

Life is a balance of ebbs and flows. How we handle these times is vital to our wellbeing. The mantra for mercury retrograde is let it flow. Is the bigger message from the planets above to slow down? Does this three week period teach us a greater lesson, reminding us to communicate clearly, to not take things personally and to take some extra time to make big decisions? If this is so, then a time reputed to mess with our senses sure makes a lot of sense.


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