Using Dirt/Soil in Magic Spells

You don’t always have to use Graveyard Dirt. You can use others.
Here’s a small list:

Bank or Financial Institution:
Collect and use this dirt to bring money into your hands or to receive payment of a long overdue debt.

Use this dirt for anything even remotely involving legal matters. This could include contracts, court cases, general justice, and even money that’s owed to you. If your intent would benefit from the discerning eye of the law, this is the dirt you need.

Educational Facility:
Whether it comes from a school yard or a college campus, this dirt is excellent for efforts involving knowledge acquisition and retention. It can also be used effectively in magic to induce study.

Enemy’s Home:
Granted, gathering this dirt is a bit trickier and may involve some skulking around to collect. But there’s no better way to cut your enemy off at the knees than to use dirt from his own home against him. Just an aside, though: Unless you want to cause possible harm to everyone living on that property, be very careful how you word the related spell.
(i.e. in the spell state that only your target is going to get hit with the spell and no one else)

Gather this dirt to protect all the occupants of your home and guarantee their safe return. The best way to accomplish this is to sprinkle a bit in every pair of shoes in the house. To ensure that someone else visits you again, sprinkle a bit in his or her shoes.

Hospital, Clinic, or Doctor’s Office:
Gather dirt from any of these locations for efforts that involve healing. There are a couple of things you should keep in mind, though. First, no magic in the world is a substitute for medical care or prescription medications. And Second, be certain that healing is exactly what you’ve got in mind when you add this dirt to magic, especially if a serious illness is involved and death is a possibility for the recipient. WHY? Because healing and staying alive are two entirely different things. And death is often the best way to heal someone.

Garden or Flower Shop:
Often used in love spells, this dirt has the tendency to make love sprout and grow roots, bud and blossom. Unless you’re playing for keeps, though, its inadvisable to add this dirt to your magic.

Use this dirt to keep the police away from your door, especially if you’re prone to trouble with them. To make yourself invisible to the police and perhaps, cause them to overlook a bench warrant, add a piece of hematite to the dirt.

Shopping Center or Mall:
These areas are always busy, employ many people, and have a reputation for attracting large amounts of cash. For this reason, there’s nothing better than this type of dirt when used in efforts to obtain gainful employment or increase your cash flow.

Police Station:
Dirt from this area is often collected and sprinkled along the baseboards of the home and along the edges of its structure to keep the family safe from harm. It’s not a good idea to use this dirt if you’re involved in any sort of illegal activity, though, as it could bring the police straight to your door.

There are lots of uses for this sort of dirt. It works wonders when included in efforts for getting a promotion or raise. But that’s not all. It can also be used to foil a co-worker or for figuratively getting the dirt on the company, itself.



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